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Weekly Clubs/Digital Meetups

Come Discuss and/or Write Poetry With Us!

Each month we examine poems along a different theme. We discuss the structure of the poem and muse over possible meanings. I try to select poems that reflect a variety of backgrounds, styles, and time periods to keep things interesting.  

Stick around for the writing portion! After each discussion we gather for a poetry workshop. Construct your own version of the poem we read earlier or something completely your own. This space is to write, share, and discuss our own writing. 

A Place for Precocious Youngsters. 

Philosophy is woefully lacking in the modern classroom. With worry over accomplishments, students rarely are given opportunity to discuss at length the big ideas of life: ethics, beauty, truth, faith, love, meaning, etc.

The Mad Gadflies is a place for students to learn about and discuss the greatest philosophical thinkers of our history. From Aristotle to Jung, Paradoxes to Zen Koans, Epistemology to Teleology, we cover it all. 

If you are a student who enjoys the sort of conversations that give others headaches you've found a friendly place. What are we talking about today?


Full Courses (10 Weeks)


Full Courses (10 Weeks)

I have many more classes planned and outlined for future courses. However, I am not always aware of what novels are popular among young folk or which texts educational boards have decided are important to teach each year. If there is a novel you would like help working through please let me know so I can include it in my teaching content. 

Billy Pilgrim has come unstuck in time and now lives the events of his life all jumbled up. One moment he is a prisoner of war in Dresden, the next he is visiting his dying mother. The next he is traveling on an Alien spaceship. Vonnegut masterfully blends his style of black humor with the tragedy of a massacre to create a beautiful image of the absurd. of absurdity. 

We read Terry Eagleton's Literary Theory along with Vonnegut. Together these two texts are ideal for helping students identify how they read, not only as audiences, but also as critics. 

Follow a year in the life of Ten Year-old Kim Ha. Starting in Vietnam, the novel takes us through the experience of a young refugee as she deals with the trauma of saying goodbye and the healing that comes with building something new. 

A quick read told through free-verse poetry, this novel handles the heavier themes of racism, war, sexism, and loss in a way digestible for young readers. This text is fantastic for teaching metaphor, foreshadowing and symbolism.

I offer Hour and Half-hour tutoring sessions in all things ELA. Whether you are struggling to grasp what the heck your teacher is talking about, want to improve a piece of your writing, or if you would like help critically examining your favorite books and TV shows don't be afraid to reach out. 

For Younger Learners (ages 8-12). We go over the parts of the dictionary you might not know are there, take a close look at an entire dictionary entry, and then race to see who can find words the fastest! 

(Able to adjust for older learners if interested). 

This 14 line poetic structure was a favorite of William Shakespeare. Now it's our turn to learn about rhythm, rhyme, and reason in order to deconstruct Shakespeare's sonnets, and write a few of your own. 

One Day Courses

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