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Mr. Collins



Hello! Thank you for taking a moment to land on my page.

My name is Mr. Collins and I help kids interpret stories, organize their ideas, and articulate their thinking more precisely. I am a strong believer in the wisdom of Myth and in the power of the written word.

This website exists as a hub for those interested to see what shenanigans we get up to in the classroom, learn a little about me as a person, and participate in some fun language related games/puzzles.


About my teaching:

I have been teaching in the physical classroom for three years. I enjoy poetry, novels, cinema, and both video and tabletop gaming - all of which I use as teaching tools with my students. Students learn best when they are encouraged to pursue their own interests and feel like what they do in the classroom is relevant to their own values and ambitions. There is always a space in my room for students to share their achievements and their concerns openly without judgement. 


 I live in Las Vegas with my beautiful wife and daughter.  

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